Fila 10k Finish

Fila-ing Around Puerto Madero

April 21st Sara and I took part in a local organised running event around Puerto Madero. It was an 8:30 start, so we slept over at the San Telmo apartment and left with our neighbour Pablo at 7:50. The day was absolutely glorious; blue skies, not a cloud in sight and already heating up nicely equivalent to a midday summer run in the UK (I accept that summer is a little bit of a sore subject with us Brits, but let’s just imagine a summer’s day as we would hope it would be, rather than how it is! 🙂 ).

Pablo as set for an attempt to beat his record and run a 51 or 52 minute 10K, and Sara and I were just to relax into it and enjoy our surroundings a little without the pressure to perform. At least that was my intention. Besides, I am still nursing this cramping right calf, at least that is still what I am telling everyone! For anyone that actually cares, the condition does seem to be improving slowly, it is just hanging around a little especially when I up the speed. Advice still desired, so please feel free to let me know your thoughts. Please be aware that any advice will most likely be ignored, but I do like to know what I should be doing at least!

I should mention that when we collected our race packs (a few weeks before) we discovered that they included t-shirts (and bright orange socks), these t-shirts displayed our race numbers printed on them. We were obliged to wear the t-shirt, and so it turned out that Fila experienced a day in which the crazy running community associated in the minds of the masses the brand of Fila with the concept of being fit! Bravo Fila, bravo!! Just a reminder to the casual reader, please remember, owning a Fila product does not make you any fitter! It is the use of such products that in a structured way that will improve overall fitness! In other news, Sara is very contented at the snug fit and the dayglow colour of her socks, and may fight to the death if any attempt is made to separate her from said foot attire! So while Fila may not make you fitter, it may make you more contented with life.

Anyhow, the following videos show the excitement of the hour or two surrounding this astounding event:

For any people that like to see run stats, here is our Endomondo run log taken from my Garmin watch:

On the way to the run, Pablo mentioned how early that morning there had been some reports of a meteorite lighting up the sky over a number of towns in Argentina. Check out this footage from CCTV cameras in Santiago del Estero:

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