Not The Usual Start

I have not been very good at determining what the new year will offer. I may also, if being honest with myself, tend to be a little optimistic of what I will do with my uncertain future. Such as complete highly unrealistic tasks, achieving physical dominance, and basically be far more bad ass than I have been in the preceding year/s. Going into 2015 I was perhaps stretching my capabilities a little thin, but if I could become a better, more awesome me, then win right! Right!

New Years day, after seeing in 2015 in Sevilla in a rather chilly plaza, watching locals pop down a grape every bell toll, I succumbed to some sort of chill and subsequent fever. That morning we walked around the beautiful city, with me shivering, cold to my core. The beauty lost on my ungrateful eyes. As when I need to go to the toilet really badly, everything but that immediate need fades into insignificance, so it was with Sevilla. That led to almost 3 days of bed rest with fever. Not an auspicious start to 2015.

With a 10k organised run in the UK at the end of the month leading to a second round of high temperatures and swollen glands, followed a week later with another repeat of the same symptoms, 2015 is looking far from my imagined year.

All this being said, it does give me a year to track some measurements during sickness and to take this time to reflect on other aspects, whilst I shift some of my daily practices. Life seems to me to be about being flexible and adapting to the ever changing circumstances. Holding onto what could be, or what I would like, has done nothing but generate discord for me. Better to embrace how things are and make the situation as shiny as I can!

That being said, I still have big dreams for 2015, and who are the fates to tell me otherwise! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Not The Usual Start

  1. Steve

    Hey Dude, sorry to hear about your health woes but you know what my suggestion for happiness is.

    Resistance is futile.

    1. jj and Sara Post author

      In regards to the podcast, I admit to be tempted to give it another go! I am quite distressed at the sound of my voice though and have that to overcome (just because I was raised a commoner, do I have to sound like one?). Also, I fear that we need more juice in our lives to talk about! Ideas about things that you would like to hear as subject matter are appreciated. 🙂 What are your thoughts about being a guest on a podcast? Just wondering….. 🙂


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