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Some Contentment In Southern Spain

So it has certainly been a while since any updates have been made and well what can I say?  We’ve been busy! 🙂

Having left the wonderment of Argentina in October of 2013, we set our eyes on mainland Europe.  We looked for a place with sun and beach.  One thing that Buenos Aires had made me realise more than ever is that I do not enjoy the built up city environment.

We had initially thought to head to Málaga, in southern Spain, as this appeared to have a number of things that we were looking for: sun, beach, access to organic food and Internet connectivity.  The last being quite an issue from the website forums that we had looked on.  There were numerous reports that suggested a lack of investment in the technology infrastructure of the south, and people complaining of a lack of options when it came to being connected.  Sara decided that this would be an acceptable destination.  As is my nature I continued to look around on Google Maps and online, and I started to disagree.  I had found a place called Fuengirola, which is not too far down the coast from Málaga and I felt it was more aligned to what I was after.  It seemed to offer less of a city feel, and some wonderful beaches to boot.  However, it was sketchy whether Internet would be easily attainable.

Heated debates aside, Sara acquiesced to my requests (she hates to see me cry :)), and we both agreed to try Fuengirola, and have Málaga as a plan b.  She is wonderful!

So we arrived and in the first few days found an apartment, which is on the sea front, arranged internet with Orange España, which while not fibre optic is fast enough for our needs, and found a wonderful health food shop that has wonderful owners and provides a wide range of fresh and processed organic foods!

Having got through the coldest winter months, which were not so inhospitable, we are now approaching summer.  From what we understand, the summers here can be a little hectic, so we will see what we think when it happens.  For now I am feeling very contented, perhaps the most contented that I have ever felt with the beach on the doorstep, with a busy workflow and a sense of wellness in my life.  Whether this is to do with the location I have no doubt, however there is a greater of sense of wellness and happiness in the air here for me.  I would wholeheartedly recommend the experience!!

Womans Bridge

Español Por Favor!

As it has been a while since I have discussed the progress with Spanish, I thought an update would be nice.

As I have mentioned previously, Sara and I had paid for a yearly subscription to use Rosetta Stone Latin-American Spanish learning. I finally completed the course a while ago, and while I am far from fluent, in my opinion it is a pretty good starter to becoming more familiar with the sound and use of the language. My most significant gripe with the structure of the course is that it introduces everything through the use of images. So when new words appear, you have to try and understand their meaning through a series of pictures and this can be somewhat ambiguous for me. So conditional, past perfect and future perfect verbs (and more) for me is very ropey still. However, nouns are a lot more definitive and I feel that I can recognise and understand a lot more in that area.
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Old Young Friends

Today I received a WhatsApp notification from the fiancé of Francesca, a girl that I have known for about 10 years, notifying me that she has passed away from a cerebral aneurysm on the 14th June. This is terribly shocking as she had only just had her 30th birthday! I cannot imagine the upset and grief that the family and friends of Francesca have been going through since she passed away over a month ago whilst in Sicily, a place that she had recently moved to with the man that made her so happy.
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A Page From A North American Western Novel

The Passing Of Time …

So it is that we will soon hit the 6 month mark of our stay here in Argentina. So what have we done in the months leading up to now you may ask, and why the big break in writing. I would love to have an deep and meaningful answer, but unfortunately I lack the intellect and Sara lacks the time, so maybe we’ll postpone the deep and significant parts for another time and just use this post just for fluff and gags! 🙂
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