So looking at our room, I see that so much has gone. Pretty much all of my books, which was far more painful for a range of reasons that I still do not really understand. Although I had the interesting sensation of elation once they had gone, a somewhat liberating experience to be sure. However, I still seem to be unable to let go of te numerous books that I accumulated in my childhood relating to fantasy roleplaying. Adults unfamiliar with this, it is nothing to do with depraved sexual acts, at least not in reality. The most notorious of the fantasy roleplaying genres was Dungeon and Dragons, which I did not really play ironically. Anyhow, the bookshelves still contain those books, and they will have to be destroyed on the next iteration of this cleansing!

A guy came to collect the guitar that we sold on eBay, and we managed to offload an old guitar amp and an acoustic guitar on him. We just hope that he could use them all or if just accepted our crap out of compassion! I am not sure he really knew what he was getting into when he bought the electric bass guitar! Seemed a nice guy though (difficult to judge person in a few minutes I realise, and perhaps judgement of others is far from a good thing to do anyhow) and he is in a band that perform around this area. I hope that he makes more use of the guitar than I ever did, which would not be overly difficult!

I managed to try a Skype conference chat with my mum and dad, allowing for the fact that my dad lives in North Carolina, and my mum in West Sussex, the chat was pretty clear, and they handled it very well despite being a little technically challenged at times. Mum, dad, if you are reading this, I say that with love! 🙂 Another thing checked off the list!

The evening ended up with me doing lots of scanning of paperwork and uploading it to Evernote in anticipation to our departure and my desire to be as paperless as possible!

I then ended up having another Skype chat with my friend Horacio, who is Argentinian, and he gave me some insider information about some of the peculiarities of the country. Perhaps more importantly he mentioned a shop that his friend uses to purchase organic food! Woohoo, something completely useful to me!! Despite taking enough organic, raw, vegan food bars to survive until the next century it is good to get recommendations on places that I may be able to shop when I arrive. Website noted and address taken, that will have to be investigated more on arrival!

A late, dinner and a slightly late night all led up to our final night in the UK for a while! Buenas noches (and yes that is about the extent of my Spanish).

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