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A Sense Of Normality, From Me Of All People

So well I have been ignoring this blog for the last few days, and for no other reason than that I hate the world!! Only joking! I love you all, including those of you that are miserable!! Come here for a hug! Dream sequence over, the reality is that we have been a little focused on all things work and well we can finally do this as my crazed obsession with trying to get calories in before I eat stray animals has abated a little.

I have been dragged into a bit of coding development and this is a bit of a consuming thing as I am flitting between mini projects in an attempt to impress Sara with all of the things I can juggle whilst actually producing nothing. I am not sure that she is really all that impressed to be honest, but in time I sure she will change her mind. She has also been very busy with actually making some money for us both, I think in part to make up for my blatant lack of anything substantial, and in part to make me feel terribly bad for producing nothing substantial. However, I feel that the tide may slowly be turning and soon, something marvellous, well maybe marvellous is a slight exaggeration, but something will be released! Yeah I know, great huh!! πŸ™‚

Last weekend passed with only a little news of the outside world, as we did try to pop in and see one of the waitresses that we met in Kensho. We thought it was her last day on Sunday, and we have not been there of late (having sourced food from elsewhere, our custom fell through the floor) we were not entirely sure. So surprisingly, it turned out that she was not there. I have since sent her an email requesting information, let us see if we get a response! In regard to Kensho, we finally had what we consider a pretty mediocre experience there. Perhaps we are in part to blame, as I certainly was hoping to catch up with the waitress Eugenia just one last time, as she has been so helpful during our early days here! However, the food was not on par to what we had grown accustomed to and the new waitress was just not the same! To top off our meal (consisting of a mango and avocado starter which we shared, and a cheesecake for Sara) we were charged a fee of 10 pesos each for cutlery. This charge is apparently common here, but this is the first time that we have seen it applied in Kensho! Sara did feel a little disgruntled about this and we possibly meanly, but we felt justifiably, under tipped! *gasp* I know, we are pretty bad ass huh??

So in an attempt to get back on track with this writing lark, I will try and sum up and post this blog so that I can write things as they happen again. A process that works out far better I think, partly due to my goldfish like memory to forget things as they are actually occurring!

1) Not really happening to us, but affecting us nonetheless, Sara’s sister has had a baby girl. Her name is Lily and she and her mother are doing fine! We are very excited for them both and we hope that the family are enjoying being a 3 now! πŸ™‚ Congratulations Victoria, Lewis and little Lily!

2) Today is my mum’s birthday! Happy birthday mummy! I love you! xx

3) We have followed in the footsteps of so many others and got ourselves a pet! I am not really a person that believes in pets and the like, but a caterpillar fell out of some lettuce that we had and well, I gave in to the urge! We have called him Cecil, and things are already a little touch and go, and it is only day 3! Wish us luck!

4) Some of the development work that we have been doing has got Sara some free food! It was not done with the intention of only providing free food for Sara, but I have been working on putting together a test website for Kara. In exchange she is going to pay us with food, as she does home delivery of a range of tasty looking vegan and vegetarian offerings. Unfortunately, the options are not organic, so I am going to sit it out and let Sara eat until her hearts content! I would be a fool to step in the way of that objective!! πŸ™‚

5) Sara has been applying herself to a range of online web development marketplaces and looking to secure us more work. She is making great progress and she is certainly creating a greater feel of activity.

6) We have joined a gym that is opposite us. The equipment in the place is pretty antiquated, but it is good for doing weights! So I have shifted into meathead mode for a while, in an attempt to stay active. I do appreciate that with my low calorie intake the chance s of actually increasing muscle mass is rather limited, but it does give me a sense that I am doing something. I would like to try and get into some running, but I am still suffering from some pretty severe pains in my right calf when I try a sustained jog. More rest needed methinks!

I think that covers most of the little bits for the time being. I will do my utmost to pick up a more regular rhythm and to go into a little more detail in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned readers!!

One thought on “A Sense Of Normality, From Me Of All People

  1. Phyllis

    Glad to hear that you have a family pet πŸ™‚ has Cecil turned into a butterfly yet? I suppose that’s a good sign that he was alive in the lettuce, so you can rely on the fact that there were no nasty pesticides present. And how clever to have a pet that you don’t have to walk or empty a litter tray πŸ™‚

    Hope you can source some regular organic sustenance soon, or you will come home looking like Howard Hughes in his final days :-<


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