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Water, Water Everywhere!!

We are in the process of looking after the apartment of a friend! This apartment is in an area of Buenos Aires known as Nuñez. This is quite a way north from the other apartment in San Telmo. It is a little nicer in that the street are not in such a poor state of health, and there are more parks and trees around. This does have the slight negative effect of attracting quite a few of my favourite flying bundles of joy, mosquitoes.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a pretty negative to cause death and destruction to living matter, but with mosquitoes I do draw the line. I am pretty anti anything that causing me despair and misery, and feeds off of me! So mosquitoes, should I see them, I destroy. Perhaps one day I will be able to be a little more compassionate, but for now, it is war! Do not get me wrong, I have the utmost awe of these flying menaces, they are often very stealthy and can feed off of me often without making me feel a thing. If only dentists could be so gentle when sticking tubes into my skin!

On Tuesday morning I woke up and the plan was for me to go and meet my wonderful (I write this as he may be reading. Please contact me for a real opinion and I’ll tell you everything) friend Steve. Steve and I went to secondary school together and have known each other since dinosaurs walked the earth, and by dinosaurs I primarily mean Mr Thomas, our old Mathematics teacher! With regards to Steve’s arrival I had mentioned that we would try and collect him, but this turned into a bit of a pain in the arse, until the guy opposite to us in the San Telmo apartment mentioned that he would take us by car. This seemed a super kind offer, which when mentioned to Steve he flatly refused. I was going to put up a fight but Steve said the this was his adventure and he did not want a lift, and he would find his own way. This was a statement that I could not argue with. I feel that people have the right to experience the world in their own way, even if it sometimes causes me all sorts of internal conflict.

Tuesday night had been full of storm and I woke in the night with the illumination of lightning in the bedroom. The morning was all seemed pretty normal, a little rain still seemed to be outside, but what did I care as I was to do Spanish study, my mind was focused on the task at hand. However at a little after 7am, the power went out. I was in the middle of a reading exercise with Rosetta Stone, which allows me to repeat the same exercise without loading anything from the server, so despite the absence of Internet connectivity, I just repeated the same reading exercise a bundle of times hoping that the electricity would return or until I had to go and shower for my appointed meeting with Steve. At the church near Plaza de Mayo on the other side of town.

I went upstairs to notify Sara that the power was a problem, and as I did so I could hear the sound of rain outside. I opened the window to be confronted by:

We decided that we would both need to travel to San Telmo to get out of this situation. The only thing was that we did not have any idea of how bad the problem was.

Heading out from the safety of our humble abode, we went looking for life and transportation away from the chaos of Nuñez, and into the familiar surrounds of San Telmo.

We did arrive and after standing around by the church in Plaza de Mayo (in what became a very stinky pair of shoes) Steve arrived safe and sound! The question now is, how do we get rid of him? 🙂 Only joking Steve, we love you really!

If you know Steve and wish you didn’t, please feel free to comment insults below!

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