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Fila 10k Finish

Fila-ing Around Puerto Madero

April 21st Sara and I took part in a local organised running event around Puerto Madero. It was an 8:30 start, so we slept over at the San Telmo apartment and left with our neighbour Pablo at 7:50. The day was absolutely glorious; blue skies, not a cloud in sight and already heating up nicely equivalent to a midday summer run in the UK (I accept that summer is a little bit of a sore subject with us Brits, but let’s just imagine a summer’s day as we would hope it would be, rather than how it is! 🙂 ).
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Sara's Foot

Water, Water Everywhere!!

We are in the process of looking after the apartment of a friend! This apartment is in an area of Buenos Aires known as Nuñez. This is quite a way north from the other apartment in San Telmo. It is a little nicer in that the street are not in such a poor state of health, and there are more parks and trees around. This does have the slight negative effect of attracting quite a few of my favourite flying bundles of joy, mosquitoes.
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Sara The Racer

Will Work For Food

Well, another week has drifted by and well it has been quite a week! This episode of our lives is going to be kept to text as I am writing against the clock, and the clock is winning!! As some of you may have heard it has been quite a week for Argentina with a new pope of Argentine origin and del Potro beating Djokovic in the tennis (thanks for that information dad)! *phew* However, and please sit down for this, another significant occurrence has happened while people have been distracted.
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Sara at Jardín Botánico

The Eye Of The Beholder

The one thing about living in a city is that there seem to be things going on pretty much whenever you step out of the door! However, it could be that I am living in a Truman Show type existence and in fact these things are only there for me and things are happening nowhere other than where I actually visit. Please let me know if you actually exist and if you are not just extras in my life!
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