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Irish Dog?

Carnival, Without The ‘Carnival’!

The answer to Monday’s blog question can be found at the end of this blog! 🙂

The last two days have been holiday days here in Argentina. When we asked in the restaurant today regarding the reason for the holiday, no-one seemed to have an idea. This parallels my lack of understanding of why most UK national bank holidays occur! The best explanation was the title of this post, it is carnival, without the carnival! 🙂 That made us chuckle!
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Rest, Sweet Rest

So last night we ended up going back to the Kensho restaurant, I was excited to go with Sara, and try and impress her with my recent knowledge of the town and people. We took the Subte (subway) there, and found it without problem. It was pretty late by the time we arrived, but there were a number of people already there including a group of about 6-8 females around a table.

We consulted the menu quite thoroughly, and I decided to go for a raw starter and a raw main, and Sara opted for a vegan main. We both had smoothies to accompany our meals and a carafe of water.

Mango Guacomole

Mango Guacomole – Starter

Sara's Main - Almond Something

Sara’s Main – Almond Something

jj's Main - Raw Pizza Chunks

jj’s Main – Raw Pizza Chunks

Smoothie Magic

Smoothie Magic

We finished at sometime after 23:30, and that is 11:30pm in real money, and headed back to the Subte station. On arrival, we discovered that the station was closed! This resulted in us having to walk home. A journey of about 1 hour 45 minutes. Sara was less than ecstatic at this news, but she soldiered on and we got back around 01:30. We pretty much collapsed into our bed!! Another day done.
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Yo Tengo Hambre

Prior to our arrival here in Argentina, I contact a few individuals and companies that I thought may be able to help me to find places to eat. One of the companies is Cocina Verde, who are food delivery service here in the city. I was contact back by Kara, who seems very informative, but she is currently out of the country, and due to arrive this weekend. She lives a few blocks away apparently and I am sure that we will meet up when she get here. However, one of the things that she mentioned in our light correspondence thus far is that there is an organic food market 2 blocks away, every Friday.
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Departure Day

I was up a little later than I should have been last night! I was preparing food for the journey! Food served on aeroplanes is far from appealing to me, and I have yet to find a carrier that offers a good range on vegan, organic options, that have a high raw content! Please let me know if I’ve been doing something wrong as I’d love to make my life a little easier! 🙂 So Sara will eat our meals in flight, and I will stick with my own preparations! That is something I need to finish when I get back to the house! As we have an evening flight I have stolen off to the gym for a quick weights and flexibility session! I’m typing while I stretch! Must dash soon, to finish off packing and all the other preflight business!

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